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I'm a little confused with the flight number -- did you give it a fake number? TK is code for Turkish Airlines but they don't fly NYC to LA. Not fair to that airline if it is not them.

Sorry about what happens to you, as a single person and solo traveler I can understand the personal offense how we are treated as 2nd class citizens.

I think however you should direct the narrative away from you personally, and more towards dire need of better training/management of the staff and airline logistics -- seems that there was a serious malfunction with the original plane that could not be fixed and because it was late night there were no planes left in that airport, esp if it was not the airline's hub.

Airlines should appreciate feedback like this and reward passengers for giving an intimate viewpoint of their airline. However as a frequent traveler, delays/mistreatment has been the norm in America.


Sucky situation, awesome letter, and I hope you get some recompense!


Seems that she used "TK421" in this column as a substitute for the actual airline and flight number, to shield the guilty. It does inappropriately malign Turkish Airlines who obviously had nothing to do with this.

If you don't get the "TK-421" reference, you haven't watched Star Wars often enough.


Fine, fine....I get it. Obviously in shielding the identity of one airline, my goal was never to malign another. Ill change it to something else immediately, and then the internet people can tell me why the new alias is a bad one...


The JFK International Airport. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. You must be cautious

neil fleischmann

Oy. I hope they recompense you (though if I was a betting man I'd say they won't).


After some needling via social media, I've been told that it takes "up to 20 days" to get a response from customer service. So expect an update around August 26...maybe...

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