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Jonathan F.

Ah, you speak for me and my relationship to the same place. I came upon it by chance many moons ago, when it was still possible to find a seat in the afternoons. It was a great place to hang and to meet - especially when the big band was rehearsing in the back studio. Alas, I became a victim of its success and the mutating virus of hipsterdom that consumed every table, with or without laptops. Do you suppose tablets are okay? Legal pads? Let me know when you find a new place. It will be our secret.


I live in a college town and years ago, someone tried to have a laptop-free cafe. It went out of business VERY QUICKLY. I also really hate the one cafe in our town with 4 "laptop-free" tables, "so you can sip your coffee and read the newspaper." I don't think I've ever seen anyone sit there reading the newspaper in my life. I sat there once during a writing group meeting where we scribbled on notepads (because those 4 tables are the only ones never occupied) and it was awkward.

I hate when businesses do this. I think it probably loses more business than they think.

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