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There is another TED-like Jewish initiative, called DIP. It was launched in march 2012, and aims to gather "achiever" Jews thru conferences and socializing. As we are more oriented towards business and networking, our main difference is that we do not focus on Jewish topics for the talks. But the Jewish way(s) of thinking and seeing the world appears very clearly in the way the talks are addressed.

The talks are filmed and put online on our FB page


Interesting, Alexandre. I knew there must be others...thanks for commenting.


And here's the Conservative Movement's Rabbinical Assembly-helmed homage - Text Talks (Torah Worth Spreading):

Deborah Fishman

Esther, thanks for the ELI talks sharing and analysis! As someone working on the ELI talks team, I truly appreciate your words of wisdom. I hope we can incorporate them as we move forward to help catalyze inspiration and new ways of thinking for the Jewish people.

Deborah Fishman
Director of Communications, The AVI CHAI Foundation

Jonathan Woocher

And don't forget the Jewish Futures Conferences that began in 2010 and combine TED-style presentations (including by individuals outside the Jewish orbit) with other types of experiences, including giving the podium to new voices and encouraging attendees to interact both in person and electronically. The next one is coming up in NY on June 4 featuring Courtney Martin, Allison Fine, Laura Baum, Shimon Waronker, and a cast of thousands (well, others as well). You can learn more and see videos from the previous conferences at


Awesome article Esther - thank you for the solid content and research - LOVED it!

We're living in an incredible time of inspiring ideas that can spread easily. Back in the day there was a huge emphasis on "action". I see a big gap though between inspired idea & action today.

I see certain Jewish groups focusing on learning, others on action - but few combining "inspired action".

So thank you for your work and I'm going to spread it -:) Awesome, thanks Esther.

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