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Benji Lovitt

Well said, Esther. It's quite odd to be here in Israel for the 10th. Only when I started watching the original news coverage this afternoon did it all hit me, and I felt bad for not "remembering" beforehand what a big deal it was. I think were I in America, it would feel weird as well, suddenly feeling such intense emotion interrupt what is normally a "terror-free existence." As you know, those thoughts and emotions never really go away here.

I lived in NY from 2003-2006 when things had seemingly returned to normal. After reading your piece, I now wonder if the city was scarred more than I realized at the time.

The most shocking part of this is that you didn't appreciate the bcc field in 2001. I don't believe it.

Most importantly, may G-d heal the pain of all those who lost loved ones on that horrific day.


My son worked at Two World Trade that day. His company began evacuating before the second plan hit, but his was in the stairwell when the building teetered dangerously. By the grace of whatever power there is he made it safely down. You can read his first-person account here:

I was working two blocks from the White House and saw the soke from the pentagon fire two miles to the south of us. I remember seeing White House employees scatter acorss McPherson Square; some of them were in bare feet. It was totally silent.

The worst day of my life, even worse than the Kennedy assassination.

Be well.



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