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This is beautiful, Esther. Whether your mother is speaking to you or not, you are hearing her and that connection with or without her intervention is what matters. I wish you many more signs and wonders from her over the rest of your life.


I'm glad your Mom passed on to you the wisdom of Rugalah at Marzipan. Smart lady!

Frume Sarah

Stunning piece.

These "signs" (or whatever) never fail to remind me to that statement in Gen 21:19.

וַיִּפְקַח אֱלֹהִים אֶת-עֵינֶיהָ

Maybe the signs are always there, waiting for our eyes to be opened...

May your eyes always be open to such warm memories of your beloved mother.


A very moving post, Esther. And you also made me hungry for Marzipan. ;-)


I am bawling. So beautiful. Your mother was such an amazing woman. I just wish I could have known her personally... though I feel I know her so well through her amazing daughter.

So many signs... It's true. Your beautiful Ema was wrapping her loving arms around her special daughter, in the holy city. They say that there is an angel for each country but G!d is the 'angel' over Jerusalem... so it's really easy to get swept away... the intensity of the place and all. Maybe also, the veil is just that much thinner and it was easier for her to reach through touch your hair, wrap her arms around you once again.

Hugs, dear friend!

Alef Bet Jewelry

This was a really a magical and beautiful post.

Natasha Nadel

Beautiful, Esther! I'm sorry you had the experience to write about, but you've done your ema proud. :)


Awesome story. I love stuff like this.

Marcy Felsenfeld

My darling, E! Beautiful piece.

When I saw the title Marzipan I thought you were going to write about me. I started reading fully expecting something about neon yellow shuk bananas!


Exquisiteness Esther! THank you for sharing your heart of hearts in such a personal way. I love how you turn prose poetic & share your observations in a very gentle manner, leaving space between your story & the reader, so the words are almost felt before they're intellectually understood. A beautiful piece!

Tami Reiss

Keep looking for signs and memories and she'll always be with you.


So I always hear what I need to hear. I was just googling the phrase: Jewish Chick Lit, because I get tired of reading Christmas stories, or stories that assume the American readership typically is underpinningly Christian. Google sent me to your blog--a post from way back and because you're such a good writer, I had to read more.

It is no coincidence that I get to read about the magnificent spirituality of Jerusalem at this time in my life.

todah rabah v'kol tov

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