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I would add, and I mean this from a loving place, writing as someone who has worked in the Jewish community pretty consistently since the age of 16 that getting some non Jewish hobbies, non Jewish friends and taking breaks from "all Jewish all the time" helps alleviate the feeling of over Jewish saturation. From my experience it has provided nice (and especially at times when I felt burned out) much needed perspective. Your friend, Sarah Guzick


I completely agree, Sarah. The balance is very necessary and helpful if were living in the secular world - a blessing to have diversity in ones life, for sure. I guess my main point was to try to prevent the syndrome wherein being Jewish is more of a job and less of an identity. Although perhaps for some, thats all they want it to be - to do Jewish during the week and be on their own during their free time. No judgments. I just know way too many people who get burned out during the week...

Thanks for commenting!

Chris M

I agree with Sarah. Let's take Independence Day aka The Fourth of July. What could be a more secular holiday? I say make the most of that day as celebration of the founding of our great country - with no qualifications regarding Jewish (or any other) identity. I honestly believe this will be good for your psyche Esther.

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