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Our high school NOT doing musical theater was a good thing in my opinion -- but only for one reason, I cannot sing AT ALL and wouldn't have been able to act in the school's production.

For every reason other than that though, I agree with you - it would have been a wonderful thing for many students.


I hear that. But Ive been thinking about this issue of stifled voices for a while, and while I understand it from both your perspective and the halakhic perspective, I still think that well suffer for it in the long run. 


Um, Esther, our high school had a coed choir! But they only sang Jewish songs.


Here's the choir on the school's website: link


I remember, I was in it. We only sang Jewish songs, most of them Holocaust-related, and women couldnt have solos. So other than remembering one guy with a good voice (who I knew since we were like 6), I still have no idea whether people could sing.

musicals for primary school children

Whilst not competitve there is a healthy school music curriculum here in the UK.

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