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I'm going and psyched! See you there!

Chris M

Hi Esther: You should invite my buddy Ben Maller lives in Lalaland, he works weekend nites on Fox Sports Radio, he a big one for Vegas and can show you the ropes in the casinos if you are so inclined...


Hes welcome to come, of course...its a big Jewy conference, and its fairly expensive. Always happy to make friends with friends, but Im not a huge gambler (nor will I have a lot of spare time this trip)...but he can check it out at

Brad Fallon

This is a great tribefest that would bring out plenty of Jews that will get together and celebrate their origin and race. It will be fun and exciting for all the Jews that are attending.

ilana Gutman

I Loved the event! Mayim Bialik was my favorite hostess :)

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