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Chris M

If a may Esther, as I've come to know you via this blog, guns arent for you. But I guess it's like lots of things in life, a person's got to find some of it out for themselves, which it seems you have.

Instead, next time I'm in Sou Cal, lets go on the Tragic Hollywood Deaths Bus Tour! (seriously).


You may, Chris. :) I know guns aren't for me. This was one of those rare moments where I just said "yes," without overthinking it, and got a good piece out of it.

Yisrael Medad

Tzahal awaits you.


Adorable! How did I miss this? I know, I need to be following along more closely. But you probably needed to start with something a bit smaller, perhaps a .22 or even a 9MM to get used to the recoil. The Mossad used to love the low cals (.22 etc) for the low recoil & noise. If you really know what you're doing? Just a few small holes will do the job. Quickly, quietly & efficiently. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

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when he used the same make and model firearm to dispatch the animal as it threatened his daughter's Labrador during an early morning jog. "The Coyote Special," with packaging claiming it's "for Texans only," features the image of a

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