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What War Zone???

Thanks, Queen Esther! I knew there was a reason I always come to the Kvetch.

Ok, I'm sleep deprived....but what's the Z-word?


great sum-up! thanks...i was following but only marginally:-)


Benji, seriously. You know what the Z word is. It starts with Z and rhymes with Shmionism.

What War Zone???

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa.


Lisa Colton

Esther, this is great! I tweeted under 2 names (@lisacolton and @darimonline -- thanks for the shout outs above!), and found my experience of the conference so much richer by engaging in the conversation. Both at the GA and the URJ Biennial, I met wonderful innovators after tweeting with them before and during the conference. It was fun, but even more so it was productive since the tweeters often are a self-selecting crowd, and the people I really want to find and get to know. It was like an ongoing discussion which added a whole other layer to the experience. I'm curious how following the twitter feed impacted your (and others') thinking about the conference? Does it make you feel like you got it all from afar, or that you now want to go to conferences even more?


In some moments, all the Tweeting made me wish I were there - kind of like I want to be the people on the red carpet at the Oscars that I see on my TV.

I would still go to conferences if I could afford them (which has been a major challenge when conferences are several hundred dollars to attend even before you involve transportation and lodging), because I do believe in the power of the face-to-face encounter to strengthen a connection. But if we can't be there, the tweeting does give us a little more insideryness than if we had read about it on the JTA after the fact.

It's about access to the information and the conversation - and following tweets of people who were all over the conference in myriad sessions in some ways enabled us to have a more fleshed out experience than we would have had in person.

Alan Abbey

It's a week since the GA, and I'm still catching up back at work in Jerusalem at Shalom Hartman Institute. I made a lot of real-time contacts there, including @lisacolton and @darimonline, as mentioned above.

So, a few thoughts from a Tweeter (@alanabbey) who didn't Tweet from the GA (I didn't have time, as I was standing in the Exhibition Hall and promoting Hartman Institute (

1) An energized, positive feeling in general.
2) Suburban Jewish women are a powerful (and fit and well-dressed - in black and purple) force at the GA.
3) Jerry Silverman is for real.
4) The crowd loved the "Torah service" with the Jewish US servicemen.
5) A group of big-name MSJM - mainstream Jewish media - executives and I held a private meeting on the sidelines of the GA and I'll give a private briefing to anyone who writes to me - [email protected] - and asks for one - or who begins following me on Twitter with a question about it. (No public spoilers, sorry.)
6) Eli's kosher food deli in Washington is pretty terrible.


Best Twitter-meets-reality moment for me: a panelist (who shall remain nameless) gets a call from his/her kids:

Kids: "Wow, [parent], you're so cool! We're watching you live online! And what's with that @sethacohen33 guy and his wife's cooking?"

Parent: "And what's with the Jewish day school I pay thousands of dollars letting you go online & on Twitter during school?"

(Backstory: @presentense was streaming the panel live, and I was live tweeting via @jmpstrt, including a couple of tweets about Seth's ongoing paean to his wife's home-cooked meals.)

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