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Lisa Colton

Amen, sister. I hear you on all of the above. I am amazed at how this year the social media awareness has "tipped". Conferences are not only more fun with social media, but everyone recognizes it's central and "normal" and even "important", even if they aren't participating. I agree with seeking the younger staff to assist. But I urge leaders not to blindly delegate this task to younger staff and walk away. Sit your tush down next to them and learn. Looking forward to Boot Camp, Esther!


Excellent point, Lisa - upper management must be was also an oft-repeated theme at the recent Digital Hollywood and 140 Characters conferences that I went to...

Looking forward to spending time with you at NJ Boot Camp...

William Daroff

Great Great post, Esther! I just posted this, in response to Gail Hyman's post (& the comments) on

Thanks Gail for this post (and Dan too!) — I’m always happy to talk social networking!

Very briefly: I don’t think you need to stalk Miley Cyrus or Jonas Brothers concerts to find tech talent. Each and every one of us can become Twitter gurus, if we want to dedicate some time to figuring it out — and if we have something to say. For the most part, this is all so new that there aren’t any wrong answers — or at least not many. Open an account, check out the scene, and start messaging. It’s really not brain surgery. And, it’s very diffciult in 140 characters to cause much damage. As someone who has made a few headlines for tweeting some things that I hadn’t planned on making headlines with, let me assure you that I survived & lived to tweet another day. You can too.

I just read an excellent blogpost by my pal Esther Kustanowitz that I commend to everyone on this subject. She is right-on-the-mark:

Susanne Goldstone Rosenhouse

Loved this! Good points all around. Being one of those "younger employees" who have had the social media responsibilities luckily fall onto my lap, I'm proud to say that our "upper management" is fully engaged (sending tweet suggestions even!) and just as excited as I with the direction our social media branch has taken. The more Jewish orgs that can embrace SM to improve their successes, the better! Yasher Koach/Job Well Done for all your hard work helping them all, Esther!

Susanne Goldstone Rosenhouse
NJOP's Social Media Coordinator
@JewishTweets and Jewish Treats

Noah David Simon

it's a little late in the game to introduce an analysis on "Social Media". Dissection for the sake of dissection is the science of navel gazers afraid to say anything. "Jewish Social media" needs to come out of it's cave of self reference and say what they need to say before "Goldstone" says it for you. If you bring a close relationship around desert pastries and post modern "Art" you are foolish because of intimacy in this form of communication. Social media works for people who know what they are about. if you have guised your marketing along the lines of being a coffee bar hipster and realized who you were... then you are in trouble with your audience. people aren't afraid of social media. they are afraid of honesty and intimate ongoing relationships brings that out. marketing and PR would have very good reason to be skeptical of close relationships. the Chris Brogans of the world will market their little tech meet ups, but in the end they offer nothing but a vapid shell for vapid people without an identity. in the same slant the Loren Feldman's of the world frame a fraud argument of dissent that really is nothing but "Black Face" racism and stereotypical prejudices meant to provoke the inner demon. Neither angle on the social media landscape holds any water, but rather creates a broad audience where no real ideas are exchanged.

Matt Bar

Yoski. Perhaps not facsimilely, but wisps and moments of young and hip trickle from my whirl-pool in a tree; nevertheless, I didn't start messing with facebook but 2 years ago. Esther was my first intro to the thing. I'm still learning a lot but suddenly with 2,100 Bible fans we've been able to do a lot of minor 'co-creations' with our fans (Bible Raps nation). For example, for Yom Hashoa, we asked people to 'bring 6 million down to earth' by converting the number into an intelligible reference like '6 million years ago there wasn't even humans.' The responses we've gotten so far are amazing and it felt nice being able to begin a semblance of a 'virtual Beit Midrash,' which is something we hope to be a part of. Look for that song written by us and 'the nation,' soon. Thanks Esther. Great article.

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