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Leah B

I completely agree with you. TV has gotten overwhelmingly Jewish, and frankly, I'm sick of it. I wrote a post at Jewesses with Attitude yesterday, and I quoted your post about "Family Goy." I am glad I found someone else who feels the same way!

Michael Blackburn, Sr.

I saw an episode of South Park where Kyle's cousin comes to live with him, and attend school with him, etc.
Very Jewy.
In fact, the episode was about how embarrassed Kyle is about being associated with his "very Jewish" cousin.
OTOH, it was hilarious.
Curb your enthusiasm, Joy Behar.
Seinfeld reruns.

I think it's great.

It lifts the level of TV.

Trish & Rob MacGregor

137 is also the "DNA of light." It has stumped physicists since its "discovery" in 1915. Even the great physicist Richard Feynman said that all scientists, to remind themselves of everything they don't know, should post a sign on their doors that reads: 137.


And, by the way Mr. Noh, beware the Ides of March. They aren't just into Judaism.


Joy Behar is not Jewish in the least.

She is as Jewish as a nice pepperoni pizza with a lot of ham on it (well, that's a stereotyped way of saying she's Italian).

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