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Why do you say blogging is dying? I thought the idea is journalism is dying a quick death from bloggers and agrigators?

ck at Jewlicious

Yeah, I hear ya. Sometimes blogging seems like a thankless task. But know that you are part of a community that appreciates your bon mots and efforts. And your ability to generate beer money. Check your mail.

Aliza Hausman

Hey, Esther. Thank you so much for this post. I got my first "tip" from a blog reader thanks to your clever idea about a donation button on the blog. I'm definitely going to pay it forward as soon as I can.


I didn't say blogging was dying. Other people did. And keep saying it on Twitter all the time. I'm actually disagreeing with them.

Thanks, everyone.


Blogging isn't dead...yet. Don't expect it to be for a long time.

Chris M

Times are tough Esther, hate to see you close up shop on your blog which I've enjoyed reading over the years but as it says The Book of Proverbs "What's going to be, is going to be"...

Good luck whatever new paths come your way.

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