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Great post. You are so right. Being in Israel right now, you're close to it in a way you're not in LA or New York. I can't imagine what it's like because I'm so far away, so far removed. I recall some of those emotional moments and moments of reflection upon seeing evidence of destruction due to war during my visit to Israel in winter 2008. It's so sad and yet at this moment I think that we should all visit Israel on the occasion for the reminder (but of course wish there was nothing like this to remember).

Chris M

War is hell Esther. That probably doesnt help much. I hope this young fellow returns home safe and sound, but what can you personally do to ameliorate the situation? What did I do when I was fighting communism in The United States Air Force back in the late 70's and early 80s? Always made sure I was ready. I'd say Israelis should always strive that what happened to Gilad happens to no others. Take heart in such efforts and perhaps it will ease your burden.


I've walked by that tent many times and your words describe my thoughts exactly.

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