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I think they were going for Jewish Dance Ensemble.

Sort of reminds me of the scantily clad Taglit singers singing Mashiach...


Kind of an odd song choice for a group like that.

Rebecca Honig Friedman

I like the sweat pants with high heels look. Fashion kadima?


oh that is HYSTERICAL. i love it :) so much that's so wrong
- lubavitch dj
- that nail polish
- that lipstick
- terrible lip-syncing
- strange 'dancing'

oh god.


this is the best video made of all time ever and i love you


We saw them perform at Tel Aviv pride. The Lesbians from Bat Kol and I were slack jawed at what we were watching. If you think the video is remarkable, you aint seen nuthin till you seen them live. Words fail me.


SBA is right - the name is herkev (ensemble), not ha-rechev (the vehicle)

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