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Jeff K

For #19, you must be related to our Rabbi emeritus, Rabbi Joshua Stampfer who is his grandson. That means you have lots family up here in Portland, OR.


this is why i haven't done it on facebook - if i do it there, no one will have need or reason to come to my always thought facebook was immune from the silly meme thing but i guess i was wrong....oh well. maybe i'll break down and do it. doubtful:-)


Yes, Jeff...we do have relatives in Portland. I've never met them though.

Phyllis, you're right on that - look only two comments here and the rest live on FB. But I know that there are people who read here who don't read on FB, so that's why I posted here too...


"I go through moments of extreme faith and conviction that there's a larger purpose".

Yes Esther many many people feel this way, I'm not sure why.

One thing I am sure of is Jewish, Protestant, Catholic and Muslim all share the concept that uncritical and absolute belief that there is some great and powerful invisible guy out there with his hand on the tiller, that such belief is a good thing. Again, not sure why.

Dianne Rowlings (Stam)

I have just come across your blog as I was too looking for more information about my great-great- great gradfather Joshua Stampfer. I wanted to find the folk song about him.
I feel my family is large then I know and would love to find more.

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