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Nora Burns

Adam Sandler .....obviously!

Esti Berkowitz

Zach Braff, not only is he adorable, but he is comfortable with his neuroses. He was incredible in "Garden State".


I think the best pitch for the calendar would be a viral video similar to Jimmy Kimmel's response (F**king Ben Affleck) to Sarah Silverman's (F**king Matt Damon); a celebrity montage of sorts. Maybe Silverman could do something hilarious, but lets go with Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johannsen, as the hot Jewish girls looking for their dreidl in the haystack. They stumble upon the calendar and go on to talk about all the characteristics they love about jewish men (emphasizing the hilarious cliches, of course!) Their examples draw on the different Jewish male celebrities they've worked with on various shows and movies. After going on for a bit, they realize that some of these costars have been listening in the whole time. The celebrities (Seth Rogen would be hilarious!) grab the calendar, begin reading the bios and realize they have nothing on the guys in the calendar. They emphasize that the everyday Jewish guy is really the catch and that the calendar is proof of that. They end by saying "these are the guys you should be pining for". The End.

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