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I also just looked up purity ball and went to the first link and am sickened. Girls pledge their virginity to their fathers? That can't be right.


The link to the Hollywood Purity Ball says it took place in September 2007. Ummm...


Really bizarre, and creepy.

Esther Kustanowitz

Given the context of meeting Jim Vallely at a comedy show and featuring a comedy troupe, I'm willing to bet the "Hollywood Purity Ball" is actually a comedy show spoofing this particularly out-there commoditization [which is clearly not a word] of a girl's chastity. But I don't know: I just work here.

As for outdated websites, I don't know what to say either...


It seemed to me that Belzer didn't give you a chance or expect a response, 'cause he was doing faux-comic shtick-- that standard cliche of asking an audience member "Where they're from."

m. berru

I agree with Simon!

Also, I took some pictures too, here:

Yay bloggers! We are the world.

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