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Dang! Am I too late to get in on this? I love it. There's always next Chanukah if I am.

Shtetl Fabulous

Maybe it's because I never went to a Jewish summer camp (we Arizona Jews just aren't as into it), but I don't get the point of this whole Color War thing. Hell, I work for a Jewish federation and I still don't get it!

I'm all for harnessing the power of the Internet to engage today's young Jews but I don't see how creating something akin to the vampire application does anything worthwhile. Where are the meaningful connections and substantive avenues for building identity?

I don't need another Facebook application - I need a synagogue where I can go and pray and not feel like a pariah because I'm unmarried. I need Jewish holiday observances not geared for small children and not located on the Upper West Side. I need a Jewish life that exists outside my inbox.

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