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Am I the only one who didn't really care for "The Year of Living Biblically"? But I can see how the masses might find this show funny. And I'll certainly give it a viewing. I like to support tribe members =)

Chris M

Living (the part shared by Jews and Christians) The Bible literally? Well it does say "Do not suffer a witch to live". I hope the dude doesnt kill any Wiccans!!!!!


Rivster, I don't know if you were the "only" one who didn't care for it, but I really enjoyed his somewhat neutral consideration of the mitzvot and prohibitions, and careful assessment of what he could and couldn't observe in the modern age. His struggle with an inadvertent Shabbat on a Tuesday is really charming and interesting, as well as his encounter with Sabbath violators...

Chrism, you make a good point, and I'm pretty sure that "Thou shalt not murder" trumped "do not suffer a witch to live." So fear not: Willow's safe.

Chris M

Not to put too fine a point on it Esther but that's one good thing about The Ancient Texts, picking and choosing seems to be quite OK. Take the Born Again Christians who use these same books Sacred to Jews as justification for their anti-gay prejudice. But what of the Book of Leviticus commanding the murder of those who work on The Sabbath and giving an example of an offender being stoned to death! I dont see any Christians or Jews who take these books as inerrant Truth running around stoning anyone. I guess we should be thankful, even the literal doesnt have to always be literal.

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