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I was forever mystified by this. I could never get into the bit as a 'youngster', knowing as I did that there were no parrots indigenous Norway! Everyone knew this too. Brazilian Blues, sure maybe. Norwegians of almost any stripe 'pining for the Fjords'? Just bloody unlikely all around. So there I sat, unmoved and completely mystified. It takes awhile for the slapstick to take over to save the bit to my mind too. That's why it has to go on so long too.

But yeah. All blogs have a natural life span. Then you reinvent them. Mommy blogs from 'singleton' blogs. Married blogs from single blogs. Divorced blogs from single blogs. The only way for blogs to completely disappear is when you're just too busy or lazy to take after them. Or too happy & content. They die quick deaths from occasional bouts of contentment & complacency.

But if you're protesting something? You'll need a blog. Complaining about 'stuff? Blogging will help you connect with other disaffected denizens. Have something to say that's not exactly 'publishable' in most main stream forums? You'll be mostly blogging or using obscure/alt news websites to put forth your output. Ditto for any sort of 'non orthodox' opinions that may threaten the powers that be. And yes strangely enough, if it's not 'elite' opinion or writing that tends to agree with same? Most of this stuff will be published, if written at all on websites and blogs. Most of the outpouring of humanity will be here. Not on the leaves of dead trees. It's ever thus. Anonymous was the wisdom carried by the oral traditions of centuries past. Now it's available to be read. Sometimes Even on dead blogs too! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

What War Zone???

Are we going to find out in 5 years that Friendster is back in?

I think some people are employed by magazines just to do these "What's In, What's Out" comparisons. I say Wired is out, chumus is in.



I think as long as people have something to say, blogs will stay. Mind you, not because of me. One post every three months does not make a blog, :)

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