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Laurie Kovens

Hi, Esther

I dunno if it's kosher to wish someone bruchah ha'ba'a from one coast to another, but I'm gonna do it anyway. Welcome home. Hope you find L.A. to be like home and also full of all the newness and what's next-ness that you seek.

I'm contemplating my own move after over a dozen years in Philly, and your musings echo a lot of what's been in my head as I braid the holidays this year with visits to endless strands of family and friends and communities that I've been blessed to be a part of over my life so far...I can't fit all the people or all the impressions in the suitcase, or even in the tardis that is my 11 year old corolla...but the essence of all that seems to ease its way in around all the edges and into the little gaps...I think as I hang up my clothes in a new closet and unpack my too many books that all that stuff that couldn't be captured in words will show up, like little gifts someone tucked in among the mundane things while we weren't looking.

I'm still on the "this side" of the change, marking all the possible "last times" before the After part starts. But I'm cheering on your After from over here...may your lech-lecha-ing be full of newness mingled with the essence of everything that's brought you to where you are today!


Welcome to LA, darlin'. You'll be surprised at how much you like it - and how hard it is to consider living anywhere else...

What War Zone???

Good luck, Esther! You won't need it, I'm sure-can't wait to hear about all your successes!

Chag sameach,


Welcome to LA Esther. I got my own blog too, but it's in French ;)

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