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i cannot wait to hear all about LA! West Coast here you come!

Benji Lovitt

Good luck! Don't forget the little people!


Nesiah tovah and can't wait 'til you're here!


Good luck to you, Esther!

Wine Tasting Guy

Sounds exciting. Best of luck with the new location & digs. I'm sure it will be an amazing experience...

And remember, HAVE FUN!!!


Thanks so much, everyone. I'll be sure to keep this space updated. Although I'll have to change how it looks a bit to stay current with my environment, I'll be sure to stay the same inside. Thanks again for your good wishes (from this really representative sample of friends/readers).


And the Coffee Bean in LA is kosher!

Julia Gliner

i'm coming with you!


Yay, E!


Just as I'm about to move to move to LA! Gah! Hope the transition is a smooth one! I love the orange phone - i don't know if it is a coincidence but whenever I comeback from Israel people notice a change within in me as well. I hope the enthusiasm stays with you for a long time.


All I can say is Good Luck! With you moving West, I don't know if we'll ever meet :) I'm a Middle and East U.S. kinda gal, myself.

But really, do well, be well. You'll rock no matter where you are!


So now you will LITERALLY be able to spend Hanukkah in Santa Monica! LOL

Best of luck with the move and your new work; please keep us posted.

Since you are moving to LA, does this mean you will have to get a car? Or do you already have one?


Neil, I think Coffee Bean is always kosher, no? Or maybe I've just been to Jerusalem and LA branches...

Julia, come on! All the cool kids are doing it.

M, thanks. :)

Petitedov, I think there's something about the Israel experience that changes you, even in a slight way people can't quite put their fingers on. My leaving NYC has nothing to do with your plans to arrive here. I'm sad to be missing co-citying with you!

Chavi, I feel that we will meet someday. I am moving to a major city, after all...

lsophorone, I do hope to avoid the cliche of Hanukkah in Santa Monica. I'll stick to gin-and-tonica. I believe (if all goes well this week) I have a car.

Will keep you all posted. Thanks so much for your good wishes!!


Good luck!

Chris M

Great news Esther, I think you are ready for a change. How are you driving out? US 40? If so and you need a place to crash (I live on the way in Raleigh NC) lemme know! Maybe I can bum a ride to Vegas too while we are at it.


Good for you! Funny and crazy how a bold cell phone choice could escalate to a move across the country! (On a side note, I have that same orange phone also, and it definitely makes a statement.)

Good luck in LA - I look forward to hearing (reading) what new and different experiences you encounter in a new city!

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