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[Nati] just likes having you around to make him feel like a prince.

I agree with everything you said about Nati except for this point. The reason Nati hung around so much with Yifat wan not because it made him "feel like a prince", but rather because he genuinely felt completely comfortable and at home in her company. The tragedy of Nati -- and of the archetype that he represents -- is that he he has an irrational fear of drawing the obvious conclusions from this, and acting upon them.

R. Aviner... sent a weekly message to people on his list calling the show "cheap, low and stupid content and its a disgrace to the religious Zionist community."

See my response to R. Aviner's attack over at the Muqata.


Thank you Citrin and Shabot for this informativ blog. As an "outsider" it is interesting to get what other cultures affects. Thank you once more and keep on posting. Greetings, Niki


See, honey, that's the problem with traditional rabbis: too Jewish! :)

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i love being jewish.

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