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Well, I would like to think that it was Olmert himself who requested this dance to make sure we (the audience) was too busy discussing the dance as not to notice that the Prime Minister is once again accused of breaking the laws of the country. Or at least we would be flabbergasted enough not to 'buuh' when Olmert went to the stage to deliver his speach (calling Bush "a very unusual friend")

Miriam Schwab

I can't believe you got this on film! I was twittering like mad while this dance was going on, just out of plain shock. I keep telling people about it, but now I can SHOW them what our country felt demonstrated to Bush the depth of our two countries' relationship.

If Karoline's theory is right, then this dance was also meant to distract us from the fact that on the opening evening, Olmert was caught on camera WINKING while we were singing the anthem. WINKING! How's that for a good example for our children?

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