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Good luck on your new path, Urban Kvetch. I hope it brings you to new and exciting places! Have faith and it will come.

Julia Gliner

GASP! But how will people recognize you at my parties now??


Lovely parting words. May bigger, better, and ever-more-rewarding things await!


I'm with Marnie here, and wishing you well in all your future ventures. Ah, but 'the illusion of progress' is often all that we can manage sometimes. It's all that can be asked of reality in some circumstances. And mostly it can be satisfying, if you don't question it too closely. There's the rub... Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'


Well done, Esther. I'm a true believer in defining distinct moments of transitions for oneself. Although I know you don't need a "New Year's Eve" to make resolutions, it helps to have a day like that to reflect, to take the calendar off the wall (or move forward a month in ical) to toast to a new, better life.

When you take such a conscious step in a certain direction, I think it's like hitting the nitrous. Your engine may be low, but there's a backup reserve, and that baby has power.

Hope you're having a great trip! Please come back soon and let's get some sushi/pinkberry (tho not at the same time...).

Anna Broadway

Nicely done! Courageous moves usually lead to good (if not easy) things, in my experience, so here's wishing you the best. :) Hugs and cheers from SF!


There's an old Yiddish proverb "We plan, God laughs." It's not very optimistic of course, but it probably originated in some Shtetl where the pale, frightened residents were regularly beset by inquisitions and pogroms and what have you. The interesting part of that choice Yiddish phrase is that it does indeed imply that we are, for better or worse, indeed on God's agenda. And this being the 60th anniversary of the founding of the modern state of Israel, David Kelsey and Eli Valley aside, the days of the weak, frightened ghetto Jew are a thing of the past.

Thus, I hope that we can now plan and incur not God's laughter but rather our deity's benevolent approval. Thanks for 4 years of beautifully written, thought provoking columns. I'm looking forward to what the next 4 years will bring and I trust it will be all that your heart desires.


Basically, you have to learn to accept G-d's will rather than your own. IF you did, you would have been successful at marrying already.

So I see this as a nice step in the right direction.

Your singles columns were usually depressing, whines. You say so your self. Kvetching, is a process where you do not accept G-d's will but that you are running the show. Thw whole Jewish secular movement is about nothing, thus, that is your problem.

Spiritual growth is your ticket to Heaven.

I remain deeply in love with you and await your messages to move to a better place together, here in Amsterdam.

neil fleischmann

I debated simply emailing you versus writing a comment. Maybe I'll email too, but for a confluence of reasons I thought a comment was in place.

It was after reading your column about Al Cheits for singles that I was moved to finally start a blog (as well as being prompted to think and sigh and be impressed in the way that only a certain deep,real writing can accomplish). I remain grateful.

I am a fan of your essays big time. You went out with class, a nice sign off. A great run.

I thank you for writing out those pieces; private yet universal.

Thanks agsin (and again). Wishing you the best.

G-d Bless


Oh, please, Theo, God kvetched all the time.

Thanks for all the columns, Esther. They will be missed. Good luck with the future, I know it will be great!

PS, did you ever find out what the actual shoresh was or is that really it?

Not a Wise Guy

No one can say you didnt try Esther, but what you were tasked with seems such an illusive goal to so many Jewish women these days as to test the Faith of Job were Job a female.

My suggestion and I dont want to be offensive but my suggestion is engage in casual sex and hopefully become "with child" and raise the then child as a single mom living in Israel. I think you will find fulfillment this way plus contribute to the ongoing future of Israel and the Jewish people.

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