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They are comfortable. And they do breathe. We bought them when Tzofia was born because we were standing all the time. Ziva and I have a strict rule regarding our crocs. We are not permitted to wear them out of the house. Though if you are running to the makolet you can. Supermarket no.


Kinda? I think the regular style Crocs are ugly, but the ones that look like regular flats are not bad.

That said, sweaty feet + Crocs = me falling out of my shoes.


You have no idea. I buy shoes 2 at a time now because they so often change the styles on us that it's hard to keep up. I use shoes up rapidly, and I need Hard & tough soles to stand up to walking everywhere. Sadly they no longer put the old style 'yellow' block Vibram soles on many of the style shoes that I like. Nothing else seems to do as well, and now 20 something years on from that discovery, I'm making do with a bunch of inferior imitations. I also like to buy American made shoes, and they're almost impossible to find regularly. And few outfits will now tell you that either!

Multi colored rubber shoes? Sounds like regressions to the old Mayan rubber soles trick! Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'


I hate to sound like a commercial, but real Crocs aren't made of rubber, they're made of "Croslite."


Did you get them in the end? They seem to have a special beautiful ugliness or is it ugly beauty?

Esther Kustanowitz

Thanks, everyone for being so interested! I did not realize this would be such a popular and educational post. I didn't get them in the end. I still may, but right now, I have enough shoes to make Imelda Marcos jealous. And I'm not allowed to bring them all home, so some of them will be donated to Israel...

I've got Naots and Tevas, and more. So I shall be shod.

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