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My friend's brother lives in Israel. I could put you in touch with my friend, and I'm sure they could help you find something :)


Good Luck on the trip. Sounds exciting and all. Well other than the Bush/Blair bit! Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'


Mazel tov on all of this! Wow. I hear you on big changes and departing from your singles column. That must have been hard, but I think bigger and brighter things are ahead for you Miss Esther! Your summer sounds amazing. I will be in Israel for July and excited to soak it all in and rejuvenate my creative sparks. Shabbat shalom.


Sounds like a lot of wonderful opportunities coming up for you, m'dear. I wish you b'hatzlacha in all of it, and I look forward to hearing about each new adventure!

Melanie Notkin

Mazal Tov, Esther. This sounds like an amazing adventure that I am confident will be valuable, memorable, and worth all the stressful logistics in getting and being there. I look forward to reading your posts and learning about your discoveries.

And if you meet Babs, send her my love? Thanks. :)

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