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I didn't see it until you were single again, but that is a great April Fool's!

(and so true about online personas)

isaac galena

Esther, got a great laugh when i saw the relationship status change, got at even greater laugh at the people postin mazaltovs on your wall. kudos.
(gave you a lil shout-outy here:


Thanks, Isaac! For both the kudos and linkage (and therefore traffic...) I appreciate it!

Lisa Smid

Esther: When I saw your Facebook "announcement", I was desperately looking for an April Fool's joke to top the one I successfully pulled on my MySpace contacts last year. I decided to one-up you and change my Facebook status to "married" - and posted a wedding and honeymoon album for good measure, complete with a Photoshopped tiara on my "bridal pic" that reads APRIL FOOLS if you look closely.

My conclusions, in some ways, were similar to yours: the active Facebookers who know me well enough to care about my "engagement" also knew me well enough to catch the joke.

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