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If only you were ALSO giving away plane tickets and hotel rooms... :)


I dunno what's my favorite things about Joan. I'm old enough to recall her jokes about 'the rabbit dying' which even at the time was probably a bit of an anachronism. She finally worked in her extensive plastic surgery work into her act (much like Phyllis Diller). I know it's been awhile since she worked up a full act & set before a crowd. She's been too dependent on the whole Hollyweird & Mr. Blackwell 'dressage' act to fill in for her 'usual' act. I like the fact that I can also recall her earliest 'Larchmont' jokes. I think the best stuff she did was connecting with that 'middling America' sort of audience, and just not with the celebrity gossip stuff that was all too easy in recent years. Her political stuff usually fell flat too, especially for hometown crowds. But hey I still have relatives in the area who may want to see her too! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

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