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Thongs? Cleavage? Upper West Side, maybe. But Jewish? Never! :)


Hey, Black is in all year round!

I feel like I'm in a funeral procession when walking down Coney Island Ave.


I can't believe how much I've been missing! The best I can come up with is a conversation with a hareidi neighbor who wanted Every. Single. Detail. about women dancing with the Torah at the minyan I'd be going to. I can only speculate on why he needed that information.


Great Post.

I for one am very excited abut inappropriate shull cleavage and look forward to the those times when the less knowledgeable would invade the shull of my youth that held a simchat torah sushi party for all the UWS singles.

I also happen to enjoy the fact that in the shulls where women don't dance, the men just gawk for the twenty seconds or so they get to see of them every time they round the bima.

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