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Fun Joel

Okay, I'll volunteer to "test drive" the solutions with any excellent eligible bachelorettes!

Esther Kustanowitz

FJ, thanks for volunteering. Apparently you've learned that oldest of lessons, "volunteer, before the teacher picks someone." You were being volunteered in any case, along with your friend the comedian.


Here's an idea.

Guys can stop being jerks. And can stop focusing on how every girl they meet is "fat" and look beyond that.

Just to be fair, girls who are (from what I've heard) superficial and care about money, can stop caring about money.

But mostly, the guys.


"Flipping Out," which (until I saw a preview) I was pretty sure was about guys who go off to Israel to study for a year, come back home, and only eat Pas and Cholov Yisrael.

I thought that too.

Jewish women may stay single because:

1.They're very good at making money.

2. The Jewish religion doesn't have as strong a taboo against unmarried people having sex as does christianity.

So many Jewish lady lawyers and real estate magnates! Can you blame them for not wanting to have some smelly guy bossing them around, when they can support themselves and adopt or do artificial insemination.

Help fix the Jewish singles crisis! Fire a Jewish female executive today.


I have long thought it would be amusing to do a frum version of "The Bachelor." The challenge: 25 modestly dressed beautiful women try to win the affections of Joe Cohen, but he can't touch any of them! Watch as Joe struggles to find ways to express his feelings with words.

Of course, the real version of this would probably play better on PBS than ABC.


I've commented previously on the topic. But here's a grab bag on what a happy & helpful Billionaire might do to help out:

1.) More and better media. More media outlets, and decent pay for such cultural workers & writers. We can not have a florescence of Jewish life and thought without these basics being present. We're having a media explosion and it seems like we've got few people noticing. No, this will not beget children right away. But attracting & involving people in their community and having deeper and more emotional ties to it can not but help. Really. It's all about fostering a sense of community and more communication between different populations. Reaching out to folks who've not been reached so far. How do you do that? With new, exciting & interesting media ventures that will bring people together to accomplish things, support causes and speak out on issues of the day.

2.) This leads to the next bit. More and better salons. An intellectual renaissance that will rediscover the great intellectuals & minds of our heritage. This needs to include as many sides to the issues as possible, the philosophers, the scientists, the Rabbis, the lawyers, the leaders. How did the communities of the past deal with these issues? No, NOT in the same ways either! We need more community programming that involves people in their world. Not just the usual 'meet & greet', but doing for others, thinking about the future, and thinking about solutions to issues and problems of the present. We need better and more conversations that involve more people in what they're doing and where they find themselves. This is much more than just sitting around whining about the plight of this or that, it's trying to come up with innovative solutions, or even better questions for more research into the central issues.

3.) The recognition that adoption for childless couples needs to be encouraged and supported. And yes, this would mean financially for some.

4.) Much more involvement of community campus groups. Hillel does fine, but they need to do more, be more inclusive and more programming. They need the support and have enough hands to actively go out and seek those uninvolved Jews on campus, and involve them in their community. There's many ways of doing this, I suggest feeding the masses first. There are few things more attractive than decent well cooked food when away at college. I know this is done on some campuses, but it needs to be expanded. There then needs to be the opportunity for more mixing & conversations through different venues & programming. These really need to be marketed better, and tailored almost individually to have the goal of 'not one Jew lost' when these youngsters show up on campus, and when older 'non traditional' students return. These are some of the last opportunities in a secular age to involve young Jews in their community and to meet & mingle. It must be done here & now.

5.) There must be several free dating services. $40 per month is basic cable where I come from, not something that you need to maintain a subscription to in order to meet eligible fellow Jews in your area. The Internet was supposed to Lower the barrier of costs to communication, not create one of the most cynical abuses of a business plan that seems to be failing many, perhaps most of it's 'customers'. Maybe that's an unfair 'rap', but it's nevertheless true. The sites Can & Do work, they are just far too expensive than they need to be.

6.) Broaching the topic of #3 above (adoption) for singles in their late 30's & 40's. Most of these people are still likely to marry one day. But their eligibility for adoption will probably effectively end in their mid 40's, and mostly by the age of 50. Ditto for their likelihood of bearing their own children. Holding on to this 'wait until marriage' ideal when deeply desiring children is seriously antithetical to begetting more Jews. Later marriage means fewer children. Later and still later marriage often means none, unless they are adopted. This is a serious issue that needs some serious attention and more study & thought.

Those are some of my immediate thoughts on the topic, almost a Top 10, but not quite.
Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'


Meanwhile some real research on the topics From the Levy Institute: Cheers, 'VJ'

Who’s a Jew in an Era of High Intermarriage? Surveys, Operational Definitions, and the Contemporary American Context
No. 507

The American Jewish Committee’s Annual Opinion Surveys: An Assessment of Sample Quality
No. 508

jose gomez

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Chris M

Jews seem to be following the example of White Europeans worldwide, self inflicted probable extinction due to collapsed birthrate. One subset of Whites avoiding this fate are the Mormons. Esther perhaps there could be an outreach by Jewish singles organizations to the Mormons. Now of course with the big time differences in both culture and religious beliefs, you would have to tread very lightly at first. I'm not Mormon, so I cant speak for them, but under the right circumstances perhaps they might be able to help; Mormons are generally nice people, but they do have a hard time turning of the prostelysising (sp?) switch.

Chris M

VJ I think you have a good idea cncerning campus groups. When I was at SUNY Albany back in the day, many of the male Jewish students seemed much more attracted to Catholic girls than Jewish ones.

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