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Glad to 'see' you back E. Just a few thoughts. (Yeah, you know that famous line!)

1.) "So, read any good books lately?" is not a bad ice breaker. Except that it's really hard to get an affirmative answer nowadays. Most really smart 'bookish' people are also very busy. Often too busy to actually read many books for pleasure. Many academics barely read journals anymore, just abstracts and a peek at the graphics. 'Mmm interesting', might deserve actually reading it...

2.) 'I couldn't be an academic because I am not well-behaved'. Most academic of my acquaintance really aren't. It's not a requirement of the job. If it were (and tenure was riding on this) we'd depopulate the academies inside of a few hours. More effectively than almost anything else. Save for free ice cream outside I imagine.

3.) It's good that you are honored by friends here & elsewhere and with & in & for your writing & other good efforts. Most of us will never receive much more. Unless of course you get to be a paid/made member of the media mafia. They're always feting & congratulating themselves in one such awards ceremony or another. If you spell right and can string a sentence together and hang on long enough, they'll get to you. Eventually. But the real reward will be in the people you've brought together and the lives you've touched and influenced. Sometimes you can't hang that on a wall though.

3.) The last paragraph needs some rethinking. Nuns love God And men. They love both a bit differently, and never (supposedly) carnally. They could not serve their communities and not do both.

4.) Similarly, I'm not understanding this "relative Zionism" in the context you present it in. Perhaps it's the description, but it just does not make a whole lot of sense to me. 'I follow baseball because my husband Bill is always at the games' sort of deal?!

Sorry you added that bit about thriving on comments. It just sort of encourages these things... Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'


Thinking about the whole love substitution idea.

I'm thinking that the simple straightforward earthly, earthy, man-and-woman kind of love is a prerequisite for any other kind of love. You don't really get it until you get it - get it? How can a person love God if they don't have love another in this world? They've got nothing to stand on, no point to move from.

I think the Song of Songs moves in these channels. You can't talk about the relationships in the Song of Songs without viscerally understanding the simple meaning. Artscroll tries to skip the naughty bits and make it all an allegory, but they make it hollow.

My lover's knocking at the door, but I'm too lazy to get out of bed. Then, ah - ok, I'll get up, but he's gone, so gone, I'm seaching - where!? Can't find him...

It's real.

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