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Esther, Mazgan Lkulam was the turn of phrase heard round the country--it'll resonate until you get back over here. missing you! ah


3.30 am - Wake up from my first night back in the States. Clean my apartment.
5.30 am - Watch the sunrise, realizing that I am no longer in Israel. What?!?
7.00 am - Walk next door to the Israeli coffee place and chat with my friend in Hebrew. Consume Hafuch.
9.00 am - Ok, I am back in NY. I remember that I was greeted at the airport by an amazing friend :) I smile. I feel better.
9.30 am - Back to sleep zzzzz


Wow. YES. This is exactly it ... I crave Israeli iced coffee (which is really a slushy coffee), falafel on laffa, the cottage cheese that is creamier than it is in the U.S., fresh, fresh, fresh tomatoes, pickles and olives.

It's depressing.

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