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Ariel Beery

KolHakavod! I'd love to know who led this change--they deserve a profile in PT!

Peter Eckstein


I'm the CAJE 32 conference chair. My name is Peter Eckstein. This conference is rooted in the idea of alternatives. It's the point of the hole in Conference for Alternatives in Jewish Education (CAJE). The visioning process of this conference focused on the paradigm of changing Jewish educators' frames of reference. If you notice, the theme of the conference is "Engaging 21st Century Jewish Learners". Not "teaching". Not "educating". It's "Engaging". The future of Judaism is a function of an interface between the contemporary understanding of traditional texts with virtual reality.....wikis, facebook, whatever. Call it Techno-Judaism.

Technology is a tool. Let's see where it take us in creating a Jewish future. I'm hoping that the conference will open doors for "Jewish Engagers" to a new dimension that will enable all of us to help build the foundations of a Jewish future.

That's the point, isn't it?


Esther Kustanowitz

Yes, Peter. That's the point. I agree completely--engagement is vital. And I'll write more about this over the next few days, but that interface between traditional text comprehension and comprehension of the tools of tech that help us achieve educational and social goals is sorely lacking among the attendees at this conference. They're here to learn, but their questions reveal that they need more basics before they can even ask the questions that these sessions are addressing. I'll definitely write more about this...

Thanks for coming by to post!

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