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I'm with you. They're trying too hard to play the role of rude jerks. There's a fine line between characters you love to hate, and characters you just plain hate. If they don't watch it, they'll lose a big chunk of their audience... people watch these shows as a family.

Jewish Robot

I think that Bush Baby comment was the only jibe about physical appearance so far, made by Simon and not without protest from Randy and Paula. I actually think these comments are fair criticism, though, because being a pop music idol is largely about physical presence. Thinking back to last season, it would normally be inappropriate to make fun of a young fellow who went grey prematurely, like champion Taylor Hicks. But that was the running joke of the season.

However, Simon did make one comment that was so un-PC I'm surprised it passed. In response to a terrible audition, Simon quipped, "Saying you expect to win this competition is like a one-legged man saying he expects to win a 100 meter race." The comment was more an insult to disabled athletes than the Idol contestant. I wonder what the International Paralympic Committee will have to say about that.


I agree, it's not funny. Sure, I'll tease those I love about their habits and foibles and expect to get teased in return, but mocking strangers about things they can't change is just plain evil.

I supsect though that it's a response to the seemingly endless parade of people who audition knowing they don't have any talent. People who are hoping to make it onto tv by being mocked. Faced with a steady stream of such you'd be hard pressed not to treat everybody as a cynical media slut.

The thing that bothers me the most is that the editors must think that their audience wants to see truly deluded people get savaged. The kind of people who should be let down as gently as possible because there's something wrong with them. There's no reason they couldn't leave that stuff out, hell, there's no reason those people couldn't be screened out before they get in front of the cameras. I despair for the pervasive cutural cruelty that this implies.

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