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It's good to hear that you're on the mend Esther. I think all offices should serve tea, and this would tend to calm things down a bit. I'd also try some 'Fisherman's Friend' Lozenges if you can find it, Ricola might do in a pinch too to alleviate some of the symptoms too. But I'm hoping that you're doing better soon. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'


Speedy recovery to ya, dear....keep drinking that tea. Licorice is supposed to be excellent for respiratory health (a little hippie Jewish mother wisdom for you ;) Easy travels in the Holy Land.


Wow, so sorry to hear that Esther. I hope you are back to 100% very fast!


Yesterday, as I did my level best to expell a lung or two, I thought: "Sure, she gets sick and it's an adventure, I get sick and it's just whining." With recovery looking like it's not only possible but a better alternative than the permanent release from my phlegmy hell that I contemplated last night, well, I'm feel a mite more charitable. :)

Get well soon E.


Oh my, I'm sorry your sick. I'm like on day 76 of the cold that wouldn't die.

I hope you feel better soon, get lots of rest.

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