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I'm with you on this, Esther. This is plain ol' embarrassing. You know why we all lean so heavily on emoticons when partaking of the interweb? Because things like irony, sarcasm and word play tend NOT TO TRANSLATE when divorced from context, voice tone, body language etc. I pray someone intervenes on this one, fast.

Aussie Dave

IsrAEllycool, Esther!

I purposefully keep the word Israel in the title...


Mea culpa Dave. Thanks for pointing that out. Not sure why I thought it was the other way round.


Why don't they just have it at or something; now that would be cool.

Sharon from NY

OK- you're right- that IS embarassing! I am constantly correcting people's spelling of Israel ( OK- mostly non-Jews ) so this will surely make things more confusing for people... and it's not necessary.


Spelling aside, I got an email from the bloggers in charge asking me to go look at the site, so I did.

It's just a bunch of New Yorkers talking about Israel.

And while I love you New Yorkers, is that really the image of Israel they want?

(Although I suppose that's a just-fine image for the State of Isreal.)


Esther -- I want a mea culpa, too. We are and always have been "Israelity." No misspelling here. It's only the official blog with the unofficial spelling. Robbie, if you want to read actual Israeli bloggers talking about Israel, come on over.



Can't they take both URLs, AND Just direct people from the wrong one to the right one!


Governments should stay out of the business of grass roots promotion. This is moronic, but completely in line with expectations.


Allison, so sorry. The error was mine. And so, I have edited the above, to show everyone what an idiot I am.

See you soon!

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