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Great more comics that I need to buy and I already have enough to read!

Very cool though. :)


Buffy goes 8 seasons and The Tick only lasts 2? The world is unfair.


I enjoy comic books but I'd rather see it on TV or in a movie. Still, this is cool news.

Yeah, I'd buy it.


When you push your glasses up remember to use a single finger at center, never by the arm. Oh, and bonus nerd points for getting something greasy on the lens while your doing it.

Yesterday I re-read the V for Vendetta graphic novel (I knew schlepping those boxes of old comics for years would pay off). Having finally seen the movie I wanted to see how they compared. Does that make me a nerd? Or does my desire to leave work immediatly to go buy this Season Eight? Hmmph.


Season 8? Yay! Funny, I don't picture you with glasses . . .

dawn summers

why is he doing this to us, esther? why?

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