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More importantly...was the dermatologist a single, straight male? Don't bother answering, they haven't been spotted on the UWS in ages.


Single, straight...married. Sorry, Chutzpah. FWIW, he's an old friend, and we were never MFEO. Thanks for thinking of me, though.


Uh, you,'re welcome.

Now, get let's the Dr. to work combing through his collegue network and any residents he may teach and get back to me with a list of names we can divide and conquer.

BTW, for free botox and some chemical peels, I don't care if he Dr. Bobillit, I'll date 'em.


I'm following the breadcrumbs to your review. Jewlicious, Urban Kvetch, and on to belief net. The suspense is a killer, but I'm sure it will be worth it! :-)

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