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She was just wrong for Willow


willow was the best part of the show.. so glad they didnt keep this one!


I definitely like Alyson Hannigan better as Willow. It seems to me that she and Nick Brendon had good chemistery.

Also glad they fixed the plot for the "real" pilot.


Even Joss himself called the unaired pilot (which he financed with his own money) a "pile of suck". And yeah, Alyson Hannigan was much better as Willow.


The first Willow sure didn't seem to inhabit the character the way Ms. Hannigan did. But is that because Hannigan's Willow is what we expect or because this first actress wasn't very good? I can't view this with objective eyes at all. Mind you it was fun to watch in an bizzaro-world sorta way.

I finished watching Firefly on DVD this weekend. How is it that Whedon makes me care about his characters so much that I feel a real sense of loss when the series ends? I think he might be an evil genius.

Maddux Sports Blog

Yep, she wasn't a good Willow at all. Funny though how you would never know though.

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