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Comments you have any questions for me?
Would you have dinner with me?

I got here from first seeing your profile on JDate. Then I read your column in The Jewish Week, so knowing that you're a media goddess makes you that much more interesting.

Plus you inspired me to make a video,

which is up to almost 200 views on Keep up the good work.

annabel lee

What's your writing process for an article? For a blog post? Do your elegantly-turned phrases come to you naturally as you're writing, or do you add/rework them in later stages of editing?


OK, um, If Brussels sprouts are sprouts, what do they grow up to be?

I found your blog via a link from Zelda (


What's the deal with leafy green veggies wanting to kill us lately? Cheers, 'VJ'


Well... You know... From Hilary's blog.


We could give you some of the same ones I used on H. But how about one I'm using for employment surveys?

'What is the character of physical Law'?

Cheers, 'VJ'


How'd I get here?

You wrote a piece that was published in It had a link to this blog. For whatever reason, I bookmarked it. I check in from time to time.


I don't remember how I got here, but I come back once in a while to see what you've written. No Q's at the moment...


Your favorite Holiday and why?

I got here through Jdaters Anon. I have been reading your blog for roughly a year now.

Jessica Leigh

I've been here so long I can't even remember how... all I know is Ms. Kvetch is THE original!

Has anyone else checked out the first guy's video? Whaddya think, Esther? Could you, would you go chasid — as long as he isn't the dude in the bear suit?

Doctor Bean

I got here from Annabel Lee's blog.

If I'm going to get a question answered, I might as well make it something serious, that you'll actually have to think about. Let's see... Can I have two?

1) What fraction of the time (you can express this as a percentage, if you like) do you believe in God?
2) What do you think/feel about petitionary prayer?


Have no clue how I got here first time around.

Two questions for you:

1)If you had to choose between JDaters Anonymous and My Urban Kvetch, which would you choose and why?
2)IYHO, why do you not yet have your own show?


How'd I get here?

Well, actually, from an exceedingly hirsute Google search trying to source a John Hughes quote for the Wikipedia page on The Breakfast Club (specifically, his handwave when asked why the nerd ended up single).

But between the Jossiness and the Grey'siness, I suspect I'll be back. (Check out, too)


Here's my question:
How come whenever my clock/radio goes off, I absolutely have to hit "snooze" to sleep an extra 8 minutes? Should I set my alarm for 8 minutes earlier to compensate? Would I have to go to bed 8 minutes earlier? Just wondering...

Doctor Bean

Hey, your Royal Highness!

What's the point of inviting us to petition you if you don't answer? Anyway, how'd you get to be queen? I didn't vote for you? Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the people. You can't wield supreme executive power just beca....


Hey, when's the last time ANYONE voted for Queen, Dr. Bean? A girl's gotta make a living, or at least try. These are all great questions...your petitions are being carefully considered and will be answered as soon as I can, probably over the weekend.

Patience, subjects...patience.

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