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David's father may still be alive, but he and the rest of his family couldn't support David - hence why David had been in an orphanage since he was a month old. Furthermore, the father has given her his blessings on the adoption.

I'm not sure I have all the answers, either. I do think Esther Madge's heart is in the right place, even if she has left more questions than answers - and perhaps hasn't thought out everything.

I am just glad she is trying to do something to help Malawi - unlike people like the American Family Association, who seem to think help is waging war on Madonna.


oh mna

Small Aircraft Crashes Into New York City High Rise, Killing Yankees Pitcher Cory Lidle



Sean Hannity said the same thing you did today! But I think you said it first.


Hannity's still on the air? Damn.

Some Loser

Madonna: It baffles me how Hannity stays on the air. President Clinton retired low these many years ago but still every night all our nation's problems are Bill Clinton's fault (and I only surf in from time to time to FNC and I hear Hannity say such things constantly!). I'll tell you, to sit through that night after night his regular viewers must be brain dead, what can they buy? how can the advertisers make any $$$ I wonder.


Ah, Loser and I have something in common. NEITHER of us watch Fox News Channel! LOL

This Friday, I was off work and running errands when I happened to hear him on the radio. Then again, he isn't bankrupt like Air(head) America! LMAO

Anyway, Hannity can't be all that bad if he shares opinions with Esther. ;-)

Courtney Hamilton

I can hear Madonna reading your post and saying;

"Yeah, that's right - and what would you know about it?"

"Have you ever played live on MTV Unplugged, or had a number one record in over 50 different countries - all at once?"

But seriously now, when ever I make a donation to starving kids in Africa, I normally don't ever expect to bring the kid home with us, do we?


A week later, I think there is only one thing to say:

If this were Julia Roberts, or Jessica Simpleson, or one of America's "sweethearts", the media would be portraying this as heartwarming, touching and be telling us how great this is.

But since this is Madonna, the evil whore, well, it must be bad and have bad intentions.

And, in the words of Howard Cosell, I'm just telling it how it is.

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