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Shmuel Reuven

First, you're welcome to write for my website whenever you would like! I will extend a personal invitation anytime there is anything on your mind!

As far as the Jewish tone, I don't want to make it just a Jewish website. I don't think we have any other different opinions on films as anyone else (as I said in the blog). If you notice, it's featured in my site that it is a "web site with the Jewish perspective on entertainment, plus much more!" That 'much more' refers to all other aspects of the industry.
In my Star of the Week section, I have featured all Jews except for last week, when I did not have a featured interview with anyone except for Jason Statham. Tomorrow, and all of next week will feature The Last Kiss star, Zach Braff (who obviously is Jewish).

Again, thanks for checking out my site - hope I didn't offend you in any way

Talk to you soon!!

Shmuel Reuven
Managing Editor,
SRC Unlimited LLC


One site I really love is Jewish Connection- . There are some great and interesting discussions about Jewish entertainment. Most recently, I read that Mel Gibson has had an Israeli bodyguard for over 10 years...!


I also heard that Mel Gibson had an Israeli body guard on Jewish Connection-

I have really lost all respect for the man.

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