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Geezer? Nah, you watched it. If they've got a Vid, 9:10 odds are that they're not doing much interesting musically. You know, like playing an instrument well, or knowing something about harmony or melody. (And not the back stage gals either...). Nice fluff sometimes, but when I want to listen to some music, most of it's missing from these awards. That's true gezzer dom. When you realize that any corn pone hick with a lick of talent in your home town can sound better than a good plurality of the acts on offer, it's time to pull the plug. Really. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'


Actually, the "corn-pone hicks" do make better music. Maybe you should watch the country music awards. They do play a lot of music, and it's pretty good (well, some of it).

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