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I love


My friend Xta and her friends recently visited your lovely city and had a similar problem with missing "the's":

I think you have a new mission.


You know you guys are just encouraging my insanity, right?

This could be the beginning of a great novel. Like Joe Heller's "It was love at first sight" in Catch-22.

Dr. Janice

I think that your insanity just perpetuates itself, Esther. Didn't you write a post last year about a poorly written sign in a nail salon?

For some people, just getting the message across is more important than the grammar.


It's simply British. Cheers, 'VJ'

Shaun Eli

Since it was in all capital letters you can't be sure that it wasn't referring to a proper noun.

Perhaps the commode was NAMED Toilet. If it had been named John, the sentence would have read "Please do not flush... down John."


Cavemen do this all time ... Now you picky as me.

Jessica Leigh

Heh, heh, heh, yeah, you crazy like me. Spent an hour today trying to explain the grammatic fun of "Eats, shoots, leaves" to my six year-old. He finally rolled his eyes and said "I can't even write a little 'k', mom. Leave me alone."

rabbi neil fleischmann

The question is, do people who make signs have any contact with other human beings? Are they familiar with the language that they're writing the sign in?
Often in Israel (and probably other countries I'm not familiar with)the answer to both of these questions seems to be no.

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