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oooh! Ooooh! Who's the new DJ for the show??


The new DJ is named "Johnny," and is apparently originally from Brooklyn. He seems cute, and knows how to work the equipment. Beyond that? Who knows...

Lindsay (sassy little punkin)

i always wonder just who are those crazy people who are first in line at these things. is it that they're just extremely dilligent and devoted, or have no lives at all? this story sounds like our "ellen" adventure but amplified about a dozen times, at least, and minus the riff-raff room cook-off!


Oh, Lindsay, of course I thought of you the whole time. It was also minus my, "We're members of the press, and I'm from New York" string-pulling. Ah, the memories. Wanna do it again in February?

The people who were first in line arrived at 5am. Some others claim to have slept overnight in the park. Like Meat Loaf said, I'd do anything for love, but I won't do that. Oh no...I won't do that...


Hi Esther,

Thanks for the report. I was on an M4 bus that got caught in the Ellen-taping madness like a prehistoric bug in amber...But do tell, what was in those charming blue swag-bags that everyone was carrying?


If only they were swag bags! They were the cushions, which were thin, and had handles that were apparently designed to resemble swag bags...

Why am I responding to every comment? Because you guys are asking very good questions today! Call it "my interactive Urban Kvetch!"

rabbi neil

any good/memorable lines in ellen's monologues?


that's such a cute pic of you and michelle! we miss you guys in Jerusalem...Chateau LayBecca(sther) is not the same without ya!


Ellen is the only talk show host I would wait on line to see, because she is just that funny.....and because you don't have a show yet....

I blogged about the whole JT/SexyBack thing here:

Did JT and Beyonce lipsync or perform live?


You waited in line for how long? To see a TV show? I was in New York Monday to see a TV show tape and I, fortunately, didn't wait at all.


Oprah's 'bout to eat Ellen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Methinks somone's trying to get rid O' Ellen (up against the O'riginal sexlesslesbian O' day time? ..c'mon.).

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