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Very vivid, trapped in the subway. At least you didn't have indigestion.

Makes me appreciate the 'burbs, where we think hardship is having to sit through 2 changes of the traffic light.


Luckily I had just come back from camping in Costa Rica and so was not working and was not used to electricity. I was living in Brooklyn and everyone brought their candles and battery-operated radios out to the stoops and also the booze from their no-longer-working refrigerators and we had a party. Mr. Softee trucks, and the middle eastern place and the pizza place with wood-burning ovens were the only places to get takeout, and as people's cell phones ran out of juice, my apartment became a phone booth for the neighbors since I was one of the few people who had an old, non-wireless phone not requiring electricity.

So, the blackout - scary as it was for those caught on the subways - was a bonding experience, too.

Happy Anniversary.


That was beautiful and sad Esther. Very visceral post.

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