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Well, since it sounds like Esther Madge may be Esther Madge no more, maybe she is going to take my advice and change her name to Dita? Perhaps this is a step toward this...

After all, like I said, I am Madonna now. She can't have her name back. She has to pick a new one. :P

Besides, there's never a bad reason to beat Lindsay and Jessica a bit.. And you have to bet Esther Dita is dying to smack Jessica around a bit for ripping off "Holiday".


Yeah, yeah. I just want you to know that I was approached first, but I thought, WTF? And round out my career by marrying one of my dancers, having a coupla babies and not being able to so much as drop a kid without it being all over the tabloids? Or perhaps I could be overshadowed by the "other one" in the scene and slip quietly into quasi-obscurity? In the end, I opted to just lay low and skip the latex. I think it's probably the better career choice.

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