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James Kass

Wow, it's like the "Sophie's Choice" of hot doctors...


I especially related to the part where Meredith lost her panties in the trauma room - happens ALL THE TIME!


Do you think I could have Finn now that Meredith won't need him?


I wish Alex would have tried to cop a feel on Izzy when he was consoling her. That would have been hot (and at least within character).


I actually watched Grey's Anatomy for an episode, and I came to the conclusion that I would only want to go to that hospital for a very minor injury, like a knee scrape, and look at the hot doctors. Otherwise, I'd say they're all too insane to trust with my life.


As usual Esther you are tight on the nose! For most of the two hours I was like "can you believe this self-absorbed bastards." Oh and that conversation between the Chief's wife and Addison talking about losing one's virginity when her niece has just been diagnosed with cancer. WTF?
That show is completely in its own reality and sometimes I'm all into the fantasy but most of the time it makes me cringe.

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